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ETIAS Visa waiver for British Citizens Travelling to the Netherlands

The European Travel Information and Authorization System, (ETIAS), will replace the current visa-free travel system in the Schengen region. It will be available starting in 2025. British tourists will find it easier to travel to the Netherlands with the new visa system. Britons travelling from the UK will also be eligible for this visa.

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What is the ETIAS visa waiver program?

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) will become mandatory for all eligible travellers in 2025. ETIAS was first proposed by the European Commission in 2016. It will change the way millions of British citizens and tourists travel to the Netherlands. Before travelling to any of the 26 Schengen countries, plus San Marino and Vatican City, San Marino, Croatia, Bulgaria or Romania, all British citizens will have to apply online to ETIAS. ETIAS online applications don’t require any technical knowledge. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete and submit an electronic ETIAs request. It is easy to see why European countries changed their visa-free policy. The European Travel Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS, will replace the Schengen visa-free travel system. It will be in effect from 2025. The ETIAS system will increase safety and security at the border for both local and international travellers. It will help to reduce health risks and fight illegal immigration and terrorists. It will be easier for foreign tourists visiting the Netherlands to obtain a visa under the new structure. Britons travelling from the UK will be able to benefit from this visa structure. Once the ETIAS travel authorization process has been completed, all UK-based travellers will require authorisation in order to enter the Netherlands or any other Schengen country.

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ETIAS requirements for UK citizens who are planning to travel to the Netherlands

British citizens who travel to the Netherlands with an ETIAS authorization won’t need to visit consulates or embassies as they would for standard visa applications. ETIAS applications can be submitted online. This is significantly easier than the Schengen visa application. To apply online, travellers will need to have a valid passport. The passport must be valid at least 3 months from the date that the traveller plans to arrive in the Netherlands. The ETIAS applicant may need additional documentation from the border officer responsible for reviewing it. Except in exceptional circumstances, additional documentation is not usually required. Remember that an ETIAS authorization does not guarantee entry to the Netherlands or other Schengen countries. Anyone who is “off” at the border checkpoint may be refused admission. This applies to all travellers, even those who have been pre-approved or have an ETIAS travel permit. ETIAS authorizations will be required for travel from the UK to the Netherlands and other Schengen countries once the ETIAS travel authorisation procedure is complete. ETIAS will be required for many other nationalities and countries, including Australians, Canadians, Americans and New Zealanders.

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What is the ETIAS process?

The new ETIAS system makes international travel easier. It takes just 10 minutes to complete the online application. Most applicants will get a response via email within 24 hours of submitting their application. After approval, travellers can travel to any Schengen country for up to 90 days. A travel authorization issued by ETIAS is valid for three years from the date of approval provided that the passport is valid. The ETIAS approval cannot be granted without a passport number and/or travel document number. You must submit an ETIAS request to obtain a new passport. A traveller may be eligible to appeal an ETIAS refusal depending on the reason.

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Improving traveller experience

The speed at which the ETIAS travel application form is processed will please British citizens. It is easy and simple to use the new system. The system requires only basic information from travellers, including name and nationality. It also asks for details about travel history, criminal record, and safety-related issues. If everything is correct, the ETIAS application can be approved. If something isn’t right, or if it’s not possible to verify the information with the pre-existing information on the system, the security officer can request additional information. If the applicant is a threat or a risk due to a criminal, immigration, or health-related past, they may request an interview in person.

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Strengthening border security

The new ETIAS travel authorization process is primarily a border security measure. Once ETIAS becomes effective in 2025, British citizens will need to follow the same procedures as non-Schengen-based travellers. ETIAS will process personal data in accordance with strict online security protocols.

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Combating crime and terror

Over the past decade, events have made it possible for Schengen countries to be exposed to terroristic and criminal threats. As a result, the Netherlands is now more vulnerable to extremist and disturbed people. ETIAS will be used to pre-screen foreigners in order to protect the Schengen region from any incoming threats. Each application will undergo careful evaluation. If applicants are at risk, border officials might refuse to allow them in.

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Stopping illegal immigration

Illegal immigration has been a major problem in the Schengen region over the past decade. Illegal immigration has been linked with exploitation, organised crime and wage disparity. ETIAS will make it easier to identify and track travellers and reduce illegal immigration.

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Harmonization across the Schengen area

ETIAS will be the standard for all 26 Schengen countries. Consistent processes simplify the process and make it easier to plan ahead. This is also a benefit for border officers. Individuals travelling to multiple countries within Schengen must be pre-screened before they are allowed on board the plane. Imagine a tourist travelling to the Netherlands, then going on to Spain. Tourists who only travel to Spain will have their passports checked for them before they can enter the Netherlands. This consistency allows both the travellers and border agents to have a more seamless experience.

To travel to the Netherlands, who needs an ETIAS visa waiver?

British travellers, along with those from other countries exempted by visas, will need to submit an electronic ETIAS application before they can travel into any Schengen country. The United States, Australia and New Zealand will be affected by this new border policy. This complete list contains 60 countries whose citizens must submit ETIAS requests in order to travel to Netherlands.

  • etias required country flagAlbania
  • etias required country flagAntigua-et-Barbuda
  • etias required country flagArgentine
  • etias required country flagAustralie
  • etias required country flagBahamas
  • etias required country flagBarbade
  • etias required country flagBosnie-Herzégovine
  • etias required country flagBrésil
  • etias required country flagBrunei
  • etias required country flagCanada
  • etias required country flagChili
  • etias required country flagColombie
  • etias required country flagCosta Rica
  • etias required country flagRépublique dominicaine
  • etias required country flagLe Salvador
  • etias required country flagGéorgie
  • etias required country flagGrenade
  • etias required country flagGuatemala
  • etias required country flagHonduras
  • etias required country flagHong Kong
  • etias required country flagIsraël
  • etias required country flagJapon
  • etias required country flagKiribati
  • etias required country flagMacao
  • etias required country flagMacédoine du Nord
  • etias required country flagMalaisie
  • etias required country flagÎles Marshall
  • etias required country flagÎle Maurice
  • etias required country flagMexique
  • etias required country flagMicronésie
  • etias required country flagMoldavie
  • etias required country flagMonténégro
  • etias required country flagNouvelle-Zélande
  • etias required country flagNicaragua
  • etias required country flagPalaos
  • etias required country flagPanama
  • etias required country flagParaguay
  • etias required country flagPérou
  • etias required country flagSaint Kitts & Nevis
  • etias required country flagSainte-Lucie
  • etias required country flagSaint Vincent
  • etias required country flagSt. Vincent
  • etias required country flagSerbia
  • etias required country flagSeychelles
  • etias required country flagSingapore
  • etias required country flagSolomon Islands
  • etias required country flagSouth Korea
  • etias required country flagTaiwan
  • etias required country flagTimor Leste
  • etias required country flagTonga
  • etias required country flagTrinidad and Tobago
  • etias required country flagTuvalu
  • etias required country flagUruguay
  • etias required country flagUkraine
  • etias required country flagUAE
  • etias required country flagVanuatu
  • etias required country flagVenezuela
  • etias required country flagUnited Kingdom
  • etias required country flagUnited States
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ETIAS Countries

Britons need to apply for ETIAS approval to travel to or through any 26 Schengen countries(plus Vatican City, Cyprus, Croatia, San Marino, Bulgaria, and Romania). ETIAS approval does not apply to travellers who are visiting certain European countries that are not part of the Schengen region, such as Ireland. This is the complete list of ETIAS countries who require ETIAS from foreign travellers.

  • etias country flagAustria
  • etias country flagBelgium
  • etias country flagCzech Republic
  • etias country flagDenmark
  • etias country flagEstonia
  • etias country flagFinland
  • etias country flagFrance
  • etias country flagGermany
  • etias country flagGreece
  • etias country flagHungary
  • etias country flagIceland
  • etias country flagItaly
  • etias country flagLatvia
  • etias country flagLiechtenstein
  • etias country flagLithuania
  • etias country flagLuxembourg
  • etias country flagMalta
  • etias country flagNetherlands
  • etias country flagNorway
  • etias country flagPoland
  • etias country flagPortugal
  • etias country flagSlovakia
  • etias country flagSlovenia
  • etias country flagSweden
  • etias country flagSpain
  • etias country flagSwitzerland

Non-Schengen Countries

  • etias country flagBulgaria
  • etias country flagCroatia
  • etias country flagCyprus
  • etias country flagRomania
  • etias country flagMonaco
  • etias country flagSan Marino
  • etias country flagVatican

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ETIAS will become mandatory for British citizens travelling to Europe after 2025. The new ETIAS visa waiver program will replace all existing short-term travel regulations that apply to visa-exempt countries in 2025. The new process will be re-opened to international travellers and border officers. This grace period is for six months. The best time to submit the application is when the ETIAS program launches, in 2025. Your application will be processed within 96 hours (4 working days), and should be completed weeks before you leave.

ETIAS is an easy travel system. The online application for UK citizens takes less than 10 minutes. You will need to include basic information about yourself and a list of security questions.

At the moment, travellers to the Netherlands do not require a passport or COVID certificate. There will be changes to policies and procedures in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. We recommend you read the most recent travel regulations before you depart.

If you have any questions about your stay in the Netherlands, the British Consulate can assist you. Many consulates are located in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam and the Hague. The British Embassy is also located in The Hague.