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Why Eindhoven is one of Many Gems in the Netherlands

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Van Abbemuseum

The Van Abbemuseum, one of Europe’s most prestigious museums of contemporary and modern art, has an extensive collection of over 2700 pieces of art.
The museum is located in the Stratumseind area, not far from the central station.
The museum’s original architecture dates back to the 1900s. Its collection was begun by Henri Van Abbe, a private collector.
This fantastic collection includes Picasso, Mondrain and Kandinsky works, as well as around 700 paintings, 1000 sculptures, and video works.

Eindhoven Museum

This museum, located in Eindhoven’s southern region, is an excellent place to learn about the past.
This museum is open to the public and focuses on iron and middle age. It aims to educate people about everyday life in these periods.
It is very hands-on and features many recreations of historic buildings, demonstrations, and reenactments of daily tasks.
This is a beautiful place for families. Children will have hours of fun and learn a lot.


This unusual and large complex was once home to a science museum, but it is now a conference centre. Philips, an electronics giant, built it.
Its extraordinary magnificence, bizarre nature and status as a tourist attraction have made it one of Eindhoven’s iconic buildings.
The Evolution building is like a flying saucer, and the dome measures 77m.
Although the building is now a conference centre, you can still tour its futuristic interior.

Genneper Park

Genneper Park offers a variety of activities on more than 200 acres just outside Eindhoven’s main ring road.
It is easy to see why more than 3 million people have visited the park. Hidden ponds, wooden bridges, and beautiful old architecture can be found within the park.
Apart from the parkland of first quality, there is also a swimming pool, an Ice skating rink and a restaurant.


This park is one of Eindhoven’s finest public parks. It is located in the southern part of the city, near the Genneper.
It is a beautiful park with a sculpture garden, beautifully manicured lawns, and many peaceful trails and paths to explore.
With its many bridges, you can also enjoy the lake from the comfort of your own home.
The park has recently added the spacewalk app. Download it to your smartphone and walk through the park. You’ll be taken into outer space to see astronauts, planets, and rockets.

St. Catherine’s Church

This magnificent church is a stunning structure. It features a recognisable facade with large circular stained-glass windows and twin bell towers.
This church is dedicated to St. Catherine Of Alexandria. It was first mentioned in Eindhoven’s early history, dating back to 1200.
St. Catherine’s Neo-Gothic design has been modified over time, and its twin towers are 73m high.
The church suffered severe damage during WW2, but restoration was completed and designated a national monument in 1972. The church’s decorative interior, with its large stone pillars and decorative arches, is lit at night by dazzling displays of colour.

Village of Nuenen

Nuenen is located approximately 10km east of Eindhoven.
This charming village, which is traditional and beautiful, is famous for being the home of Vincent Van Gogh. It was also the site of the decisive Operation Market Garden battle during WW2. Van Gogh painted many Nuenen pieces; some of his paintings detail the surrounding buildings.
The Nuenen central park and surrounding streets retain much of their old charm. Many of the buildings look traditional and are from an earlier era.
Visit the Vincente to see these famous artists’ rich history and work.

Philips Museum

It is impossible to visit Eindhoven and not see something connected to Philips – The electronics giant has many routes in this city and has a significant presence there.
The Philips museum offers a comprehensive look at Eindhoven’s history and Philips as an organisation.
This will allow you to understand the business better and how it helped shape Eindhoven into the economic powerhouse it is today.
Find out how the company began in the light bulb business and continues to be a leader in electronics, such as X-ray technology or complex lighting systems.

PSV Eindhoven Museum

The PSV Eindhoven Museum is located in the Philips Stadium and must-see for all football fans.
It is a football-mad city, and PSV, its beloved football team, has a long and successful track record in the game.
This place is the perfect spot for PSV fans. If you’re not a club fan, this is the ideal place.
You can see the club’s 100+ years in detail through displays such as the hall of Fame, which features megastars Romario and exciting photos.
The interactive displays and small pitches make it a fun place for children to have a kick-up!

Eindhoven Bottle Distillery

The small, family-run brewery is a charming and welcoming spot and a surprise found in Eindhoven’s big city.
The brewery employees are passionate about their work. Exploring their world is an unforgettable experience.
It is near the Dommel river and a part of the old town centre.
The owner is amiable and will tour the facility and share his knowledge about the brewing and distilling processes.
This is a beautiful place for a close-up look at small-scale brewing.

DAF Museum

The DAF Museum is situated in Eindhoven’s centre. It is close to both the Van Abbemuseum and the train station. This museum is a must-see for any automobile enthusiast.
This site contains a wealth of information about automobiles, trucks, and vehicle manufacturing history.
You can see historic cars like the three-wheel Mobile Raincoat, which was small enough for a hallway, or the Jan de Rooy Juggernaught.
It is a beautiful insight into automotive history, with its displays of cars, trucks, fire engines, and lorries.

PSV Eindhoven Stadium

PSV Eindhoven’s home is at Philips stadium. It is a top-quality stadium, with its stunning stands and design.
It has been standing for many years. The stadium was built in 1910 as a sports field for Philips employees. The stadium was expanded to accommodate the growth and development of PSV Eindhoven and host large crowds who regularly attend home matches.
The stadium is home to the city’s top team and has hosted many national games. It also hosts music concerts.
You can tour the stadium, but it is worth visiting if any matches are on while you’re in Eindhoven.

Veem Food Market

The local food market offers a beautiful showcase for passionate chefs, entrepreneurs, and cooks interested in the food industry.
The market will have an attractive display of bread, cheeses and meats, vegetables, coffee, wine, and many other products.
Vendors have created stalls and shops full of colourful displays and mouthwatering aromas and tastes.
This market is truly a treat for the senses. Food lovers will love it.

Culinary walk

A culinary tour is a great way to see Eindhoven. It combines history with first-class food. You can choose from various times, including one that takes you through the Strijp-S district.
Tours usually last around 1.5 hours. Prices include food, but not drinks, and an English-speaking guide.
Explore Eindhoven’s fascinating streets and discover its culture. Then, enjoy a delicious meal showcasing the city’s culinary offerings.

Park Hilaria

Park Hilaria, a festival held every August in Eindhoven, draws more than 500,000 people. It is a festival that combines a fairground and playground with an array of attractions, including rollercoasters, live entertainment, street entertainment, circus acts and food stalls.
The park is over 1km long, and entry is free. However, there is a charge per ride.