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We carefully designed thiswebsite to provide accurate, current and complete information on the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETAS) for Britishcitizens travellingto the Netherlands.

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British citizens who are planning to travel to the Netherlands in the near future should get notified and learn of the new ETIAS visa waiver. This updated system will enable British citizens to travel to ETIAS countries (Schengen countries plusSan Marino, Vatican City, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania) without requiring a Schengen visa. Practically, the new system replaces the visa-free travel regulations to Schengen countries currently in place.

We created this website to inform British citizens about the new regulations and about any future border policy changes to keep travellers up-to-date. This site has all of the information you’ll need on visas and border policies to assist you to organize your trip.

Our goal is to make it easy for travellers to arrange visits to the Netherlands and other destinations inside the Schengen zone We have been trusted to give accurate information regarding the ETIAS visa waiver program since our start. We make it a priority to guarantee that all passengers who rely on usare aware of current border security policies and are prepared for future trips to the Netherlandsand beyond.

On our website, British travellers will discover all of the information they need to arrange a vacation to the Netherlands or other ETIAS countries. This will occur after ETIAS becomes operational in 2025.

Please see our site for a complete list of the countries that will require ETIAS. Anyone who is a UKcitizen or a citizen of one of the other 59 visa-exempt nations will be allowed to use the ETIAS travel authorization scheme. Onour website, you will find information on the ETIAS visa waiver, how to apply for it, and how much it costs.

This website contains all of the details about the ETIAS visa waiver program, which will be active in 2025. This page can answer any of your questions about preparing for a trip to the Netherlands or any other destination within the Schengen zone and beyond (visit our homepage for more information on ETIAS countries). You can always rely on our specialists to assist you with any problems or queries you may have throughout your trip between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Please remember that we are an independent group that is not affiliated with any government agency or the European Union.

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We have assembled here some of the most pressing answers regarding the new ETIAS visa waiver going live in 2025. Still, if you don’t see the answer you are looking for, we encourage you to refer to our FAQ page or reach out with the form in the Contact ussection.
Our committed Customer Support team is always available to help you in case you need close assistance.

Yes. To travel to the Netherlands and other European countries in the Schengen region, all UK citizens must apply online for an ETIAS Visa Waiver. All UK citizens will have access to the ETIAS online application as soon as it goes live, in 2025. The UK is exempt from visas and must obtain an ETIAS travel permit to enter the Schengen region. ETIAS will replace visa-exempt travel regulations for the Schengen region. For a complete list of countries that you can visit using an ETIAS, please visit our homepage. Be aware that ETIAS travel authorizations are only valid for countries in the Schengen area plus Vatican City, Cyprus, San Marino, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria. The Schengen zone includes both EU and non-EU countries.

Yes. All citizens of the United Kingdom will be required to apply online once the ETIAS visa waiver program is mandatory in 2025. The electronic ETIAS visa waiver replaces the current visa-free system that allows short-term travel within Europe’s Schengen area. It will go into effect in 2025 and continue to be in force after that. International travellers and border officers will have a grace period of up to six months. This is to facilitate the transition.

The ETIAS application must be completed by UK citizens to prepare for travel to Europe in 2025. To allow sufficient processing time, travellers should submit their ETIAS online application no later than 96 hours (4 days) before the departure date. This will allow you to resolve any issues that may arise during the online ETIAS application process.

The computerized ETIAS travel application is simple to complete. Before travelling to the Netherlands or any other ETIAS country, all UK citizens and those exempt from visa restrictions must fill out an online application.

The ETIAS application takes about 10 minutes in most circumstances. The online application will ask for basic information like your criminal history and travel history. A few security questions will also be asked of you during the application, regarding your criminal and travel history.

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and pay the ETIAS fee to get an ETIAS visa waiver. This cost will be waived for minors under the age of 18. You must pay the application cost online with a valid credit or debit card when submitting an electronic ETIAS request. If the transaction fails, your ETIAS application will be put on hold.

Yes. To be eligible for ETIAS travel permission, all passengers, including children and minors, from the 60 countries exempted from visa restrictions must present a valid ETIAS visa waiver at the border. Once received an ETIAS will be permitted to travel to any Schengen country (plus San Marino, Vatican City, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, and Bulgaria) beginning in 2025, when the program is launched. Minors and children must have a parent or guardian complete the online ETIAS application on their behalf.